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Naitonal Disability Day Event, RoboCT Technology Takes Actions in Helping the Disabled

Release time:2024-05-24

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To welcome the arrival of the 34th National Disability Day and promote technological innovation in supporting the disablilities, an event was held with the theme of "Science and technology to assist the disabled and share a better life" to express care and concern for the disabled among Zhejiang. 

LI Yanyi, deputy governor of the Zhejiang Provincial Government, LU Weili, deputy secretary-general of the provincial government, LU Lin, secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Chairman of the Provincial Disabled Persons' Federation, DING Jiong, secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Chairman of the Hangzhou Disabled Persons' Federation, and relevant persons in charge of member units of the Linping District Government Disabled Persons' Committee , representatives of social caring enterprises (organizations), representatives of enterprises, journalists from the news media, and representatives of the grassroots Disabled Persons' Federation and persons with disabilities in Linping District participated in the event. On the stage, people wearing RoboCT's exoskeleton products performed, demonstrating how technology is helping the disabled.

RoboCT has used its advantages in assisting the disabled with technology to actively participate in the National Disability Day, and has cooperated with Disabled Persons' Federations in Lin'an, Jiande, Lianyungang, Chongqing and other places. RoboCT worked closely to exhibit and demonstrate self-developed rehabilitation assistive devices and smart devices in various places, attracting the attention of many disabled people and their families.

Lin'an District held the 34th National Disability Day event to actively create a strong atmosphere of extensive participation and joint attention for the disabled by the whole society. TANG Liyu, deputy secretary of the district committee, GAO Jia, deputy director of the standing committee of the district people's congress, LUO Aifen, deputy director of the district government, and QIU Xiaomin, vice chairman of the district CPPCC, attended the event.

RoboCT's UGO rehabilitation exoskeleton and assistance robot UFU presented in the high-tech assistive device display area. The staff patiently explained how to use the equipment and conducted on-site demonstrations. It not only brings convenience; but also allows more people to understand the importance of these high-tech rehabilitation facilities in improving people’s quality of life.

In the square in front of Xin'anjiangfu in Jiande, the launching ceremony of the "17 Love" party building and joint building to assist the disabled and the 34th National Disability Day event were held as scheduled. YI Liangcheng, a member of the Hangzhou Disabled Persons' Federation and second-level inspector, ZHONG Yongming, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, LIU Guojin, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, LI Jun, deputy mayor of the municipal government, and ZHOU Weiqing, vice chairman of the CPPCC, attended the event.

Focusing on the theme of National Disability Day, "For a Better Life with Technology", corporate representatives and technical personnel from RoboCT Technology were invited to demonstrate the use of the UGO rehab exoskeleton, so that more people can feel the nfinite possibilities that technology has brought to the lives sepecially among the disabled people, and also draw the public's attention to people with disabilities. I believe that with the continuous development of science and technology, more high-tech products will emerge in the future, bringing more convenience and happiness.

The National Disability Day event "Realizing the Dream of Happiness Under the Sun", jointly organized by the Lianyungang Municipal Government's Disabled Persons' Committee, he Municipal Government's Disabled Persons' Committee Office and the Municipal Disabled Persons' Federation, was held at the city's Cangwu Green Park Central Square. During the event, there are all kinds of activities including special job fairs, voluntary disability assistance services, exhibition and sales of auxiliary employment products for the disabled, exhibition of career development achievements for the disabled, performances of cultural and artistic programs, display of scientific and technological rehabilitation aids.

On site, the staff from RoboCT Technology provided citizens with consultation on technological assistance, demonstrated and introduced the UGO rehabilitation exoskeleton, and shared the latest research results and future development trends of technological assistance. Citizens expressed their support for the rehab exoskeleton. RoboCT will continue to be committed to providing more help and support to people with disabilities.

During the National Disability Day, various regions in Chongqing also actively responded to the call of the Municipal Disabled Persons' Federation and carried out a series of creative activities closely focusing on the theme of "For a Better Life with Technology", aiming to use the power of science and technology to Improve the quality of life of people with disabilities and help them better integrate into the social family.

That day, the Nanchuan District Disabled Persons' Federation took active actions and joined forces with Ruikang Hongren Hospital to invite representatives from RoboCT to jointly hold a knowledge lecture on "Technology Empowerment, Healthy Medicalcare". This lecture demonstrated the huge potential of technology in improving the quality of life of people with disabilities, and also provided learning and communication opportunities for people with disabilities.

Through the National Disability Day series of activities, not only did more people feel the charm and warmth of technology, RoboCT Technology also learned valuable experience and feedback through exchanges, and strengthened its determination and confidence in helping the disabled. In the future, RoboCT will continue to give full play to the advantages and role of technology in assisting the disabled, adhere to its original intention, continuously improve its products and services, and work hand in hand with local Disabled Persons' Federations and all sectors of society to jointly make some progress wthin the industry.


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